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Vijay (Tamil: விஜய்), (born Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar on June 22, 1974) is
a Tamil film actor and playback singer. He began his acting career doing ...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Kollywood divided on Seeman, Ameer arrest

CHENNAI: Kollywood’s October 19 rally, expressing solidarity with Sri Lankan Tamils, may have been a huge draw, but in the wake of the arrest of
directors Seeman and Ameer, the festive season just got a little dimmer for the industry.

“It will be a sad Deepavali for us,” read a statement from director Bharatiraja on Sunday. According to a producer who attended a day-long meeting at the Producers’ Council on the eve of Deepavali, “Neither secessionism nor politics is our agenda.”

While a section of the industry is worried over the fall-out of the speeches by Seeman and Ameer, the Nadigar Sangam has maintained a stoic silence, signalling a polarised situation yet again within Kollywood. When the announcement of the rally was made, it was presumed that all the stars would participate, but barring Vadivelu, the big stars stayed away from Rameswaram.

“The logistics of organising a trip to Rameswaram at such short notice were huge,” said actor Sarath Kumar, who heads the AISMK (All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi).

On condition of anonymity, Nadigar Sangam officials said that it was a conscious decision to avoid the Rameswaram show. “There were apprehensions that some of the speakers could turn out to be rabble-rousers, and get emotional” said a Nadigar Sangam official. “Walking the tightrope between politics and cinema, between one Kazhagam and another, calls for a lot of skill and all the stars were worried about being linked to either of the Kazhagams, and hence the decision to keep away,” said another actor.

Industry observers point out that despite the close relationship between politics and cinema in Tamil Nadu “No one can ride two horses at the same time, then entry into politics would mean the end of one’s film career,” they added.

Ananda Suresh, producer and member of South Indian Film Exporters Association, however, said that the rally was not aimed at gaining political mileage for anyone. “Tamil producers owe a moral debt to Sri Lankan Tamils. They have helped our films grow in the export market exponentially in the last few years,” he said. Ten years ago, the overseas rights of Tamil films fetched only about Rs 2 lakh. “Currently a Vijay or Ajith film fetches Rs 2 crore and more overseas, while a Rajnikanth film is sold for Rs 10 crore,” said Suresh. It is business, not politics, he added.

Interview with Actor Vijay

A string of failures put a question mark about his career. Yet, actor Vijay turned his fortunes around after the success of Thirumalai last year and the stupendous run of Ghilli (remake of Telugu blockbuster Okkadu).Two successive hits have given a new lease of life to the actor and he has now re-established himself in the Tamil film industry as a name to be reckoned with.

Flush with success, Vijay has a few offers lined up and is awaiting the release of his next film Madurey, produced and directed by Madhesh.The actor who has been in the show biz industry for more than a decade now, says the success of Ghilli brings with it greater responsibility as fans would be expecting greater things from him now."I was confident that Ghilli would make it big. But the success entails more responsibility for me to keep continuing the good run", he adds.

"My forthcoming movies Madurey and Thirupachi have different story lines with a mix of action and humor", Vijay says.

On Ghilli's big success.

I was confident that Ghilli would make it big among the masses. The movie produced by A M Rathnam and directed by Dharani was a pulsating action film with a romantic base. Even the songs and stunts in the movie appealed to the masses. The success of Ghilli has made me more responsible now. I have to choose the right scripts and work in order to sustain the good run.
You evince keen interest on working in action-oriented movies.

Today, in Tamil filmdom, action-packed movies are the order of the day. Hence, keeping in line with the trend, I am working on action films. Once the trend changes, I will think of doing different films. Thirumalai, Ghilli and the forthcoming release Madurey too have stunt sequences that would appeal to action-lovers.
You have developed a liking to work in Telugu remakes...

Yes, all my film which were remakes from Telugu have done well here. I don't thing it is wrong. Even now, I have zeroed in on a couple of recent Telugu hits. I might venture to do one of them.

On your forthcoming films

Madurey will be released in the third week of August. Sonia Agrawal and Rakshitha are the leading ladies in the film. Produced and directed by Madhesh,Madurey is a story that revolves around a happy-go-lucky-youngster (which I portray). The movie has come out very well. Ever since Madhesh narrated the script to me, I was impressed with the story line that I gave the go-ahead to the project. I am confident that Madurey will appeal to people of all age-groups. I am also acting in a movie titled Tirupachi, produced by R B Choudhary and directed by Perarasu.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want to act with Vijay: Tamanna

Happy at her career graph soaring high in Kollywood and Tollywood, Tamanna hopes to sustain the good run in filmdom.

An actress, who is happy with back-to-back success in 'Happy Days' and 'Kallori', is shooting for half-a-dozen movies in varied languages. An elated Tammana says, 'I am happy where I stand today. I am bothered about quality rather than quantity.'

'I want to do a film with Mani Ratnam, Gautham Menon and Shankar, an one with Vijay too', she says.

Vijay's aspiration

Vijay has established himself as a mass commercial hero, who entertains the big crowds. Known for his racy entertainers which combine humor, action and romance at the right mix, he has huge fan-following which throng theatres whenever his movie gets released.

The actor is now playing a prominent role in 'Villu', directed by choreographer-director Prabhu Deva. It is a touted to be a commercial entertainer, which would be racy and entertaining all through. The duo has earlier teamed up and made the commercial coup 'Pokkiri'.

Vijay, who is all set to complete half-century films in Kollywood, is keen to act in a movie to be directed by Mani Rathinam. Speaking at a function recently, he openly expressed his desire to be a part of Mani Rathinam's movie.

It may be recalled that Vijay had acted in 'Nerukku Ner', a movie produced by Mani Rathinam's Madras Talkies and directed by Vasanth a decade ago.

'Villu' takes Diwali break

Vijay starrer 'Villu' is fast nearing completion. The movie being directed by Prabhu Deva features Nayantara in the lead role.

A major portion of the movie has been shot. Buzz is that Prabhu Deva recently cranked a song sequence in Bangkok. A slew of visitors thronged the place to watch the shoot. Several of them exchanged pleasantries with Vijay and took photographs with him.

'Villu', a racy entertainer, brings together Prabhu Deva and Nayantara again. After creating success in 'Pokkiri', Prabhu Deva is confident of repeating the magic again.

Produced by Ayngaran Intertaional, Vijay has tried out a new style in the movie, which Prabhu Deva hopes would become popular among his fans.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Viilu waits for vadivelu

A song with Vijay, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Sriman and Vadivelu was supposed to shot at locations of Switzerland but the actor Vadivelu was absent and called off the call sheet. The comedian Vadivelu earlier made this kind of misbehavior on various sets is once again showing his true color for Vijay. London Karuna of Ayngaran Films tried his best to bring Vadivelu on sets but Vadivelu was stubborn about his decisions. Actor Prakash Raj and Sriman was sent back to Chennai sets for shooting some of the scenes. After this incident majority of producers and directors of Kollywood Industry have decided not to include Vadivelu in their forthcoming projects.

Villu Vijay Gets First Place

Each year Loyola College Chennai has been conducting various surveys in several subjects. This time the survey is about the “Top Actors who Stole Hearts of People”. In this M.G.R holds the first spot with 21.3% to the next Sivaji Ganeshan with 18.9% for second spot. Actor Vijay is in third spot with 16.4%. For MGR most of the people like the movie “Nadodi Mannan” and for Sivaji Ganeshan “Pasa Malar” at last for Vijay “Gilli”.

This is for the first time Super Star has been in the fourth place with 16.2%. Fifth spot goes to Captain Vijayakanth has only manages 10.7% who turns politician. In the current trend heroes actor Vijay clinches the first spot beating Super Star by a small margin.

Vijay to return for his Dad's sake

After the stupendous success of Pokkiri, Villu is the name of the film where Ilayathalapathy Vijay will once again be directed by India’s Michael Jackson Prabhu Deva. The magic that they had woven in Pokkiri is expected to be repeated in this project also. Shooting for Villu is happening at a brisk phase and the unit had recently left for Switzerland to shoot a few song sequences.
Meanwhile in Chennai, Vijay’s father S A Chandrashekar, under his home banner V V creations is producing and directing Pandhayam which has Nithin Sathya in a key role who is being supported by Sindu Thulani. The audio release of this film is scheduled to be held on the 22nd August. Kollywood circles reveal that Vijay had decided to make a lightning visit from Swiss to Chennai from grace this function and then get back to the shoots of Villu.

First look: Vijay's 'Villu'

The story of Vijay-Nayantara starrer 'Villu' is said to be loosely based on a Hindi film that released around 15 years back. A gang of anti-social elements hatches a conspiracy and kills an army officer after levelling charges of 'traitor' on him. Because of these charges, the army officer's funeral turns out to be a normal affair instead of a government sponsored one, given to those who lay down their precious lives in the service of the nation.

The army officer's widow, our hero's son, narrates these incidents to the hero in his younger days and he subsequently develops into a world-beater. She entrusts him with the job of proving his father's innocence and mitigate the 'black mark' heaped on him by the gang. The 'man with a mission', our hero enrolls himself into the territorial army, murders one-by-one all those responsible for the death of his father.

He then collects many an award from the army, some of which meant for his father, and returns to his native place to proclaim with proof his father's innocence. The 'military' backdrop has been changed and sutured according to the needs of the Tamilian 'culture'.

It's no cakewalk for star kids

Sharadha Narayanan
First Published : 22 Oct 2008 02:05:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 22 Oct 2008 02:40:42 PM IST

Tamil cinema seems to be at a phase when an actor’s name is only as important as his surname. From Vijay to the latest kid on the block, Atharva (actor Murali’s son), it’s the kin of stars who seem to rule the roost, and the Ajiths, Bharaths and Madhavans of the industry are a rare phenomenon.

And these star kids haven’t escaped the stereotypes of the typecasting- ridden industry. They climb the easiest route up the ladder, throw tantrums and end up being successful goes the popular belief. But does it really ensure a success and do these kids get the easy way out even with the audiences? 'Sakkarakatti' was a dream debut in every sense for two important kids of the Kollywood family: The son of producer Kalaipuli Dhanu whose marketing skills have struck gold and the son of filmmaker Backiaraj, who is considered the king of screenplay, were launched. But film pundits aver that it hasn’t been big enough to make this the best movie of the year.

Speak to actor Shantanu about it and he rubbishes talks that he threw tantrums in the first place. Industry has it that he was offered Sasikumar’s role in 'Subramaniyapuram' and Shantanu, a debutant then, suggested changes in the script if he had to do the role. “It’s true that I was offered the role the director eventually did himself. And I did suggest changes but it was in the interest of the script and those were changes even director Ameer approved of. I didn’t do the movie for another reason altogether,” he explains.

Nine in 10 actor aspirants would swear that the toughest part of becoming a hero is getting noticed and star kids don’t deny that they are far more noticeable. “I agree we get easier openings but success isn’t about doing a movie. It’s about doing a successful movie,” Shantanu adds.

That’s an idea anybody would endorse and there are glaring instances of such popular star sons not making it big. Arun Vijay who comfortably adapted himself to any role that came his way hasn’t still tasted the success he deserves.

And there’s Udhaya. Being a son of a producer and the brother of a popular director (Kireedam Vijay) hasn’t ensured him a successful route in cinema. “Actually, things have been so bad that what’s getting released as my fifth movie is actually my 13th movie,” he says. “And I can assure you that I will not overcharge as an actor,” he said at an event, much to the surprise of the audience. In fact, the actor went to the extent of saying he was prepared even to work on a fixed monthly salary, as that was how much he loved cinema.

So, for every Vijay, Suriya, Jeyam Ravi and Simbhu, there is a Vikranth, Udhaya, Sivaji and Arun Vijay, still hoping to make it big. An old wise hag in Tamil cinema once said if you are successful, it’s only because you were worked on by the right hands. In short, a big hero is a man who just got lucky, met the right directors and picked the right script. And the star kids, will sure vouch for this dictum.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vijay repeats MGR film title

It has become a trend to use yesteryear hit movie titles like Dhanush's Pollaadhavan and Padikkaathavan, Karthik's Aayirathil Oruvan and now Vijay's Vettaikkaaran. This title is lifted from Vettaikkaaran, the 60s MGR hit.

This film, Vijay's 50th, will be directed by debutant Babu, a former associate of director Dharani. The female lead is touted to be Asin. Dharani and Vijay have teamed up earlier to give the superhit Ghilli and the recently-released Kuruvi. The Asin-Vijay pair has also been very successful at the box-office with hits like Sivakasi and Pokkiri.

Vijay, who is currently shooting for Prabhu Deva's Villu with Nayantara, has also appeared in a 20 minute cameo in his father S.A.Chandrasekar's film Pandhayam starring Nitin Sathya and Sindhu Tolaani. The music of the film was launched yesterday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

vijay trisha remix song

vijay intro

Gilli Vijay & Trisha escap from police

tamil actor vijay shirtless in ghilli

rambha - tamil actor vijay helping tamil actress wear sari

Nayan and Vijay in Phuket!

Last week Nayanthara was with Ajit in Switzerland, shooting a song for Aegan.

Both of them were dancing to the tune of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music and taking part in a duet Mallika Mallika… choreographed by director Raju Sundaram.

Now Nayan is in Phuket dancing on the beaches with Ilayathalapathy Vijay for Villu directed and choreographed by Prabhu Deva, Raju’s brother!

Vijay had earlier completed some deadly action scenes, in Bangkok. Now after completing the song, they will be shooting some more portion of the talkie part of the film.

Nearly 60 percent of the talkie part of the film is being shot abroad, as per story demands.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thala vs Ilaiya Thalapathy!

Who is bigger - Ajith or Vijay? On the verge of completing a 100 films among them, fifty apiece, it’s a 50-50 situation in more than one sense.

By Vishak Shakti
Who is bigger- Ajith or Vijay?
In the southern kingdom of Rajni-land, a war has been raging over the last decade to anoint the Superstar’s heir apparent. On one side is the ‘Young General’ (Iliaya Thalapthi) Vijay, who has upstaged Rajni himself in a recent popularity poll. On the other is ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajith (also known as ‘Thala’) whose crowd pulling ability can even give even the Thalaivar the creeps.
On the verge of completing a 100 films among them, fifty apiece, it’s a 50-50 situation in more than one sense. The balance of power, evenly poised for now, might shift either way with Ajith’s ‘Aegan’ (‘Main Hoon Naa’ remake) and Vijay’s ‘Villu’ due for release soon. But given the sub continental conditions, there is an equal possibility of the long drawn test match ending in a tame draw.

The star standoffs of Tamil cinema are as old as the Western Ghats. After MGR and Sivaji, Rajni and Kamal, the latest instalment has all the makings of a classical rivalry. “Who has more mass?” (Not to be taken in the Newtonian sense, the reference here is to mass appeal!) : Passers-by are known to ask each other on the streets. It is a debate as favoured by sociology professors of Anna University as by the rickshaw drivers from downtown Chennai.

Vijay with his son-of-the-soil looks, screen demeanor and public image is a direct descendant of the MGR-Rajni lineage. In his movies he dances his lungs out, beats up more baddies than can be accommodated at the Apollo, gives moral discourses to women in particular and often turns to face the camera to have a heart-to-heart chat with his fans.

Ajith, on the other hand, is more equated with Kamal and not for no reason. Ajith. like Kamal, has a thing for prosthetics in addition to a multi-role fetish. Though he hasn’t ventured to attempt anything as outlandish as a ‘Dasavatharam’, it is a real and menacing possibility. But yet the comparison is farfetched, most Kamal fans would say, Ajith being more a student of the Rajni school of acting (which is a Kamal fan’s way of saying he cannot act for peanuts).

It is a long standing treatise in cinema that the stronger the villain the stronger the hero. As an upshot, in the absence of a suitable rival, the hero will cease to be a hero. Both Vijay and Ajith have long ago sworn by this dictum, taking digs at each other through song lyrics and dialogues. But rumour has it that away from the arc lights and flash bulbs they are the best of buddies.

But the fans like to take none of it. Two hoots to their camaraderie-status, the fans say.

The “mandrams” (fan clubs) had drawn the swords long ago and come what may they will protect the status quo. After all a bit of spark on the streets and over TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited, to be read as ‘wine shop’) sessions never really hurt anyone.

It is in your DNA, they say. You are either a Vijay fan or then you are the Ajith type. You don’t get to like them both. Recreational Hazard!

Rajni, Vijay best actors?: Ameer fumes!

The Sultan of controversies is at it again as he throws the question few would dare to look in the face in Kollywood.

Known for his frank and bold statements, Ameer Sultan has kicked up yet another controversy by asking a question nobody in Kollywood would dare to even think aloud: Why are Rajnikanth and Vijay given best actor awards?

The venue was Tamil Nadu Union of Film Journalists’ (TNUFJ) film awards distribution for the year 2006-07.

“Rajnikanth and Vijay are winning ‘best actor’ awards. How can we accept this? If you question the logic behind this, the organizers have the ready-made answer that it is the ‘choice of the people’. If ‘people’ continue to select the awardees, Rajnikath would be winning the same continuously for the next ten years,” he assured sarcastically. He added that he won’t object if Rajnikanth and Vijay were awarded the ‘best entertainer’ awards.

Ameer, who has been winning awards almost at all award functions for his ‘Paruthiveeran’, won another from TNUFJ as well.

Veteran director K. Balachander gave away the awards to the winners. He remarked that though he is well past 70, he felt very young at heart and was planning to direct films with renewed vigour. He said he wanted to compete with the younger generation of directors and win awards.

The friendship of Vijay and Ajith!!!

The film industry is usually a volatile place with inflated egos of the top stars but then such things don't seem to matter for Ultimate Star Ajith and Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Both of them are known to be very good friends and they always make sure that care is taken not to upset the fans on either side. This was seen once again when Ajith requested director Raju Sundaram to change the name of the villain from Joseph Chinnappa to something else in his movie 'Aegan'. Apparently, the full name of Vijay happens to be Joseph Vijay so Ajith did not want to create a misunderstanding. Way to go folks!!!

Vijay and Ajith to fight

With more and more fans taking the path of Ilayathalapathy Vijay and 'Ultimate Star' Ajith, all eyes have now fallen on their 50th film which give the impression to have few similarities. in fact, both of them are pairing up with the hot beauty Nayantara in their respective movies and then if Ajith's movie is being directed by Raju Sundaram then Vijay's film is being directed by Prabhu Deva, Raju's brother. Also, the producer for these two films is the same - Karunamoorthy of Ayngaran International.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Vijay flick to be produced by Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj is most certainly one of the busiest actors in the country as his talent is beckoning all kinds of filmmakers to cast him. The actor also has a production house called Duet Films that has churned out many successful films. The ace actor recently announced that Duet Films will produce a film with Vijay in the lead.

The list of movies Prakash Raj is acting in currently, seems to be endless. 'Villu' with Vijay, an unnamed film directed by John, 'Abhiyum Naanum' with Trisha, an unnamed film produced by Radaan, a Hindi film with Salman Khan, 'Pandhayam' with Nithin Sathya, 'Dosth', and 'Inithu Inithu'.

Prakash Raj played the protagonist in a film called 'Kanjeevaram' directed by Priyadarshan. The film was screened at the Toronto Film Festival and wowed audiences. The film is expected to be screened in many other film festivals as well. Prakash Raj is currently accompanying the film at the festivals.

Looks like Vijay will commence the project with Prakash Raj's Duet Films after 'Villu' is complete.

Vadivelu to shake-a-leg with Nayantara

The movie is 'Villu' starring Vijay and directed by Prabhu Deva. The song 'My name is Billa' is being remixed one more time. This time by Devi Sri Prasad. Interestingly, Vijay would have nothing to do with this song. Vadivelu with his determined 'comic' look will be dancing emphatically and Nayantara will give him company, probably the way she did with Ajith in the Vishnuvardhan's version of 'Billa'.

It can be recalled that a similar comic sequence was churned out in the previous venture 'Pokkiri' that brought Prabhu Deva and Vijay together. Asin was the heroine of the film and we saw Vadivelu donning the role of Suriya for the song 'Suttum Vizhi Sudarae'.

Since 'Pokkiri' went on to become a massive hit with the masses, the director might probably want to employ similar methods with 'Villu' as well and hence Vadivelu get's a song with Nayantara.

Any guesses as to how Vadivelu would position his face when he mouths the line 'My name is Billa'?

Lackluster Diwali for Kollywood

This Diwali, the Kollywood would not be able to keep their word of offering the die-hard fans with much of the awaited films.
Vijay’s, Prabhudeva-directed ‘Villu’ may not see the light of the day and might just not release on Diwali this year. Simbu’s ‘Silambattam’, which was another big release expected for Diwali, may also not be releasing, allegedly due to Simbu’s interference with the shooting proceedings.

Dhanush’s ‘Padikkadhavan’, in which the gorgeous Tamanna is paired opposite him, is not yet complete and will only be releasing in mid-November. Vikram’s ‘Kandhasami’ directed by Susi Ganesan, is also getting delayed due to post-production work and many other issues.

Surya’s Gautam Menon-directed ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ happens to be the only major release and a consoling factor. The film promises to be a ripper with the dashing Sameera Reddy and Divya Bandana to star against Surya.

Clash of coincidences

The latest buzz in the industry is that Ajit and Vijay are planning to make their 50th Golden jubilee films for their own production houses.

Well, the fans of Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Ultimate Star Ajit may be at loggerheads, but actually there is a lot in common between them.

Ajit’s 48th film is going to be Aegan, releasing for Diwali while Vijay’s 48th film Villu is due for Pongal. They other common factor is that they will be pairing with Nayanthara in their respective movies. If Ajit is being directed by Raju Sundaram, his younger brother Prabhu Deva is directing Vijay. And to top it all both the films have the same producer— Karunamoorthy of Ayngaran International.

Ajit debuted in Tamil with Amaravathi while Vijay’s first movie was Naalaya Theerpu. Meanwhile, let us hope that the situation does not get more bizarre and the films release on the same day!

Prabhu Deva back to acting?

Choreographer-actor-director Prabhu Deva is currently busy directing Vijay for 'Villu'. Sources say Prabhu Deva, who had wielded the megaphone for a slew of films in the recent past in Tamil and Telugu, has chosen to bid adieu to direction for the moment. Rather, he wants to resume acting in films. He had earlier acted in several movies in the lead roles.

Buzz is that Prabhu Deva would act in a film to be directed by Thangar Bachchan. Sneha would play the heroine. Ayngaran Internationals would produce the film. Meanwhile Prabhu Deva is keen on completing 'Villu' to ensure a release by January this year.

'Villu' features Vijay and Nayantara in the lead roles. A major portion of the movie was shot in Bangkok. Vijay and Prabhu Deva had earlier rendered a hit in 'Pokkiri'.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kuruvi: Celebration time

The Kuruvi team celebrated its success and completion of 150 days at the box office with a function held at Park Sheraton on October 4th, which was attended by many famous film personalities. K. Balachander, Ramnarayanan, Dharani, Suriya, Trisha, Ramya Krishnan, Sibiraj and his wife, Vidyasagar, and Kuruvi’s technicians. Vijay was accompanied by his wife Sangeetha and his father S.A. Chandrasekaran. Udhayanidhi Stalin, the proud producer, was accompanied by his wife and mother.

Every one reminisced about their pleasant experiences associated with this film and expressed their happiness about its success. Dharani, who directed this film, said that he is elated as this is a “double strike” for him – his previous venture, Ghilli, with Vijay and Trisha in the lead was also a stupendous success.

Kuruvi celebrates its success

Kuruvi has completed 150 successful days and is celebrating the occasion today in a grand manner. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin is holding a celebration function at Hotel Park Sheraton today.

Veteran film director K. Balachander and Film Producers Association President Mr. Ramanarayanan will preside over this grand function.

Kuruvi, produced by CM Dr. Karunanidhi’s grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin, turned out to be a wonderful entertainer of recent times. Starring the hit pair of Vijay-Trisha and comedian Vivek, the film won the hearts and support of cinemagoers.

Villu Wallpaper New!

Vijay in Villu Shooting Spot Photo Gallery

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‘Kuruvi’ gearing up for May 10 release

Though director Dharani’s ‘Kuruvi’, featuring Vijay and Trisha, is yet to be completed, the producers are planning for May 10 release. While a few portions are being shot, the completed portions have been taken up for the post production work. The efforts to book the theaters for ‘Kuruvi’ have been started. If ‘Kuruvi’ is gearing up for an early release, ‘Silanthi’, which was predictable to hit the halls by April 5, is postponed. The reason behind the change in the schedule is the change in the music department. As we reported earlier, director Aadhiraj had replaced Neil Mukharji with Karthik.
The change was caused by a difference of opinion on the rerecording of the film. The director wanted the rerecording for the thriller in an alternative manner, which was not acceptable to the music director.
Now Karthik is taking care of the rerecording and doing it in accordance with the director’s view point. Aadhiraj is quite content with the outcome and hence he is planning to add a new song. The song, according to the sources, will be shot in the boat houses of Kochi.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All thotta bhoopathi

ajith remix song

sakarai nilavea

Vijay Dance Fight for Pandhayam?

Actor Vijay’s father Director S.A.Chandrasekhar is currently busy in making “Pandhayam” movie starring Nithin, Sathya, Sindhu Tolani and Prakash Raj in lead.

The movie is almost at the completing stage. It’s already known that Vijay is doing a cameo role but the Director had shot more scenes for her son as it was originally planned for Vijay. According to a source that it was scheduled that Vijay to play a small cameo role but the director has ended up the with a song and stunt sequences.

For Vijay fans they have something to enjoy with inclusion of more Vijay scenes but after Rajini’s “Kuselan” all the details had been hide by the Pandhayam team. Hope watching their favourite heroes on big screen often is a great pleasure.

Actor Vijay and Director Perarasu join hands again

Actor Vijay before started to shoot for the film ‘Villu’ had signed an agreement with Balasubramaniam of AVM Productions for a film. Now, director of the film has been confirmed and he is none other than the King of Commercial Films Director Perarasu. He holds the special credit of framing successful career graph of Vijay with his two continuous hits ‘Thiruapacchi’ and ‘Sivakasi’.

Director Perarasu had approached Vijay with the script and with his efforts, he could convince him. Soon after the release of Villu, shooting for this untitled film will begin. Rest of the star-casts and crewmembers of the film are yet to be confirmed.

So we have the rocking team to hit bull’s eyes with their hat-trick score…

Namitha Item Number in Villu?

In the film “Azhagiya Tamil Magan” Namitha does a cameo role with Vijay and then she acted with Ajith for “ Billa” now being busy working for films. Meanwhile Villu director Prabhu Deva is keen getting Namitha for an item number and he approached the actress for “Villu”.

According to the sources Villufilm, Namitha reported that she regret the offer following the decision not to act in any cameo roles. Namitha is currently busy in working with projects like “’Jagan Mohini”, “Perumal” and “Indira Vizha”.

Hope she is keen in playing heroine roles.

Illeana Confirms for Vijay Vetaikkaran Demands Rs.1.25 Crores

After “Villu” movie Vijay is doing a project for AVM banner in which the producers are in search of heroines and none of them get signed.

Actor Vijay preferred Asin as first choice and Illeana as the second one. Asin busy in canning Bollywood flicks and Illeana on the other hand is busy but have dates for “Vettaikkaran”.

With all these happens the AVM Balasubramaniam’s new film “Vettaikaran” which is directed by Debutant Babu Sivan assistant of Director Dharani heroine is Illeana.

Actress Illeana is considered to be the lucky star and she demanded to pay her Telugu market rate which comes around Rs.1.25Crores. Last time Nayan demands the similar amount as remuneration now Illeana in the list.

MGR is the title for Vijay’s movie

Director S.A. Chandrasekhar launched the trailer for his forthcoming flick ‘Pandayam’ here in Chennai during last week. In one of his previous flicks titled ‘Sukran’, S.A.Chandrashekar had his son actor Vijay playing cameo role. Well, Pandhayam too will have Ilayathalapathy donning the role of himself as actor acting in the film titled ‘MGR’. And you which filmmaker do you think appears as director for this film? Obviously, don’t take any guesses and its none other than King of Commercial movies Director Perarasu.

According to the film’s script, Nithin Sathya donning lead role plays the role a diehard fan of Vijay and there is a sequence that will both Nithin Sathya and Vijay together….

Fine! S.A.Chandrashekar proves of being not just a director, but an excellent marketer who knows the best traits of publicizing his films.

Vijay in a Movie Titled MGR?

The Perarasu Combination with actor Vijay is meant for success. Again Vijay is Directed by Perarasu in the movie titled “MGR”. Don’t get over excited because this is a movie inside a movie. S.A.Chandrasekhar actor Vijay’s father is directing the film “Pandhayam” with Nithin and Sandya leading the pair in which Vijay will play himself for a guest appearance. In this Vijay will perform under the direction of Perarasu and the film is titled as “MGR”. In recent time the scene was shot at Chennai.
In this film Nithin and Sandhya plays a diehard Vijay fan and they went to see Vijay shooting for a movie. The cast includes Prakash Raj and Sindhu Tolani and Vijay Anthony scoring the music. Vijay does a guest role previously for S.A.Chandrasekhar’s “Sukkran” and he is going to do a similar appearance in the movie. Vijay is currently shooting for the film “Villu” which is directed by Prabhu Deva. & the film is produced by Ayngaran Internationals, Villu is shaping well and shooting is made in a quicker speed.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vijay doesn’t want Perarasu

It has been 15 years ever since Vijay made his entry into tinsel town and today he is so successful donning roles that are suiting him. Glimpse back to the films, in most of them you would have spotted him playing the role of an unemployed youngster fighting against something evil in the society.

At present shooting for the film Villu directed by Prabhu Deva, it happens to be his 48th film.

Soon after completing this film, he would gear up with the film produced by AVM Balasubramaniam of AVM Productions directed by debutant Babu Sekar. Babu Sekar was the one who penned dialogues for Vijay’s previous film ‘Kuruvi’. Well, his 50th film would be produced by his father S.A.Chandrashekar under the banner of V.V.Creation. Chandrashekar wanted to Perarasu to direct the film since he happens to be the one who churned consecutive hits with his son and set turning point in Vijay’s career.

But Vijay doesn’t want Perarasu to wield the megaphone, since he has decided to get the film directed by Prabhu Deva. He has determined in such a way that even if Villu doesn’t do well in the box-office, Prabhu Deva would be only person to direct his 50th film.

Vijay Returned from Switzerland for his Father?

As reported that Vijay and his Villu crew was busy under lights with Director Prabhu Deva. The team Villu recently left Switzerland for shooting some song and stunt sequences.

For the meantime Vijay’s father S.A.Chandrasekhar for his home banner V.V.Creations is directing and producing the film “Pandhyam” in which Nithin and Sathya playing the lead while Sindhu Tulani for a supporting role. The audio release is scheduled on 22nd of August.

According to a source from Vijay’s residence that Vijay is likely to visit from Switzerland to Chennai for this function for a quick time. Villu movie is making in a great pace and the shooting would complete within this year. Hope Villu will be another hit like “Pokirri” for Vijay.

Vijay's 'Vettaikaran'

Vijay is an MGR fan and has even acted as his fan in a film. Though Vijay is not acting in his father SA Chandrasekhar's film 'Pandhayam,' there is a scene in which the hero Nitin Sathya is seen watching a Vijay shooting, for a film titled 'MGR" being directed by Perarasu!

After completing 'Villu,' Vijay is to act in a film produced by AVM (Balasubramaniam) to be directed by Babu Sivan, assistant of Dharani.

Vijay has decided on 'Vettaikaran' as the title for this film. This was one of MGR's memorable films. After going along Rajini's path, Vijay is now steering along the MGR freeway.

Let's se if he triumphs!

Vijay Vettaikaran Movie after Villu!

It was said that after “Villu” movie Vijay will do the “Muratukalai” film for AVM but the latest is that the movie of AVM is “Vettaikaran”.

Vijay is busy in acting “Villu” film and meanwhile the actor is doing a cameo role for his father’s film “Panthayam” in which Nithin, Sathya and Sindhu Tulain leading the role. In this film Vijay playing himself as a star

in that Perarasu will direct him for “MGR” film. If you look at this title you will think about “Vettaikkaaran” movie of MGR some decades ago. Hope Vijay will entertain in his all movies.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dad to direct Vijay's 50th film?

Who will direct the 50th film of ‘Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay? The news is that Vijay’s father and veteran director S.A.Chandrashekhar, who will produce the film, may direct it too.Three other names are heard as of now- Hari, Prabhudeva and ‘Jeyam’ Raja.

It should be remembered that the dad-son combo had not succeeded in their earlier ventures, ‘Aadhi’ and ‘Sukran’. So it would be a hard decisiion for S.A.Chandrashekhar to make on whether he himself should direct Vijay’s 50th movie.

Vijay is currently shooting for the Prabhudeva-directed ‘Villu’, his 48th film. His 49th will be AVM’s ‘Vettaikkaran’, to be directed by debutante Babusivan.

Vijay to romance with Ileana in Vettaikarran

Actor Vijay is all set to become the huntsman in his next flim Vettaikarran, which he is probable to star after the close of his current movie Villu. The film is being produced by M. Balasubramanian and B.Gurunath Meiyappan.

This is the first time the vijay is performing a movie under the AVM banner, According to source Ileana will be heroine role in the movie Vettaikaran along with 'Ilayathalapathy' Vijay.

It was earlier rumored that Vijay will be pairing with Ileana in the upcoming movie Villu directed by Prabu Deva, but finally Nayantara was joined in opposite to

What Vijay delighted in recently

Vijay's Villu is all place for a Pongal release. Team and cast have been hectic shooting in India and abroad. They just returned from Switzerland, and were all locate to head off for Bangkok at the end of August, but didn't. Finally, on September 3, Vijay left for Bangkok. The last thing that Vijay enjoyed in Chennai was watching Dham Dhoom with his wife

Vijay New Venture Vettaikkaran

Former Chief Minster and late MGR's old film titles have tremendous value for their connotations and hold a lot of hidden meanings that represent present day daily political scene. It's becoming a trend for filmmakers and industry people to keep old titles for new films.
However, actor Vijay will be seen in a film that is titled Vettaikkkaaran (Hunter), which was the title of a movie starting late legend MGR, released in 1964.The film is being directed by debutant Babu, a former associate of ace director Dharani and produced by AVM.Balasubramaniyam. Sources reveal Asin is being considered to play the female lead

Infuriated filmmaker Prakash Mehra blasts ‘thankless’ Amitabh

# Following last year’s hit song Deewanagi, which featured the who’s who of Bollywood dancing alongside Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, the Rukhster is set to deliver another knockout number.

This time it will be a 12-minute special that pays tribute to legends of the past in Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Kajol, Rani Muk-herjee, Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra will honour actresses like Nargis, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz and Waheeda Rehman, while SRK pays tribute to Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Rishi Kapoor. The song, composed by Salim-Suleiman, is sung by Sonu Nigam in a style that acknowledges greats like Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar.

# A complicated situation has developed around a new father-son project by director Ashwini Chaudhary. He wanted Rishi Kapoor to play Sharman Joshi’s father, but after reading the script, Kapoor not only offer-ed to produce the film but also wanted his son, Ranbir, to replace Joshi.

However, Chaudhary already had a producer, Azam Khan, so he politely refused. He also did not want to ditch Joshi. The project has not yet been final-ised. Kapoor is still keen to make the movie, as the script is “an ultimate father-son story”, and he says it’s only natural for Ranbir to star alongside him.

# Amitabh Bachchan is again in the firing line. After his problems with the Navnirman Sena, he has been blasted by one of his former allies, filmmaker Pra-kash Mehra. Addressing the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association, Mehra indignantly posed the question, “Who is Amitabh Bachchan?”

Mehra is upset that the Big B told a reporter he had no Godfather to thank for his success, but acknowledged that Yash Chopra and Hrishikesh Mukherjee had helped his career.

Mehra says Bachchan has conveniently forgotten that he gave him his “angry young man” image in his career-defining movie Zanjeer. He has also reminded the Big B that Zanjeer was followed by classics like Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Lawaa-ris, Namak Halaal and Sha-raabi.

# Shahrukh Khan’s Temptation Reloaded World Tour will visit four European cities in as many days. It kicks off in Berlin on October 17 before moving on to Munich, Frankfurt and Bar-celona. It will finish in Dubai on October 25. The line-up includes Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal and Anusha Dandekar. Kareena Kapoor will take part in the Du-bai finale.

# Sanjay Dutt’s wife, Manya-ta, is not pleased that he shared a hot smooch with Vidya Malvade in Sanjay Gadhvi’s newly released Kidnap. Sanju explain-ed that it was required by the script, but she was not prepared to listen, warning him that he’ll have to be on his best behaviour from now on.

# Amrita Rao was a guest of acclaimed painter MF Husain during Eid at his residence in Dubai. After previously declaring that no one would ever come close to Madhuri Dixit, Husain has found a new muse in Rao, describing the dainty actress as “a perfect painting, with a body language so beautiful that it can be captured only on canvas”.

# Kareena Kapoor celebrated her birthday in unusual fashion this year, sharing the day with boyfriend Saif Ali Khan and lots of muscular men. Kareena and Saif took her mother Babita’s advice and visited an army outpost in Kargil, much to the delight of the soldiers stationed there.

# The song Pappu Can’t Dance could have been written with Sunny Deol in mind, as he has two left feet. For his forthcoming Diwali release, Heroes, he got younger brother Bobby to help him with his steps. What took Bobby less than a day to master took Sunny four days. Sunny plays an air-force officer and Bobby is an army officer in the movie.

# Somewhere in South Afri-ca lies a designer Bollywood jacket worth half a million rupees (R90000). That’s what it cost producer Bhushan Kumar to replace it for some scenes in the forthcoming Himesh Resh-amiyya film Karzzzz. The jack-et was misplaced by a unit hand, but since it was irreplaceable, scenes featuring its replacement will have to be digitally re-mastered at considerable cost to ensure that continuity isn’t affected.

# Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik will make his debut as a hero opposite former Miss India Sayali Bhagat in a movie for director Wilson Louis. Although it’s common knowledge that the pair are romantic-ally involved, they have regular-ly denied it, as Malik is suppos-ed to have a bride waiting for him back home. He plays a cricketer who falls for a beauty queen. How original!

# Hrithik Roshan served as an adviser to Goldie Behl during the making of this weekend’s big release, Drona, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. Hrithik made suggestions on the marketing and promotion of the film. Abhishek and Goldie approached him because of his previous experience on superhero projects. On Hrithik’s advice, the film took on an Indi-ana Jones look. He also recom-mended that they shoot in Namibia.

# Things seem to be getting serious between Dino Morea and Lara Dutta. They were spotted emerging from Mumbai’s Mount Mary Church after a late-night service. Witnesses des-cribed them as a “couple very much in love”. Morea is a regu-lar churchgoer.

# Kunal Kohli, the director of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, is set to follow in Farhan Akhtar’s steps by going in front of the camera. Not only will he direct his next film, but he will also play the lead role.

Kohli, who made a name for himself as the host of the TV show Chalo Cinema, gave serious consideration to acting after watching Akhtar in Rock On!

# The movie Kaadhalil Vizhundhen enjoyed a bumper opening in Tamil Nadu, with the exception of the Madurai district, where petty politics prevented it from being released. The popularity of the catchy song Nakka Mukka no doubt played a major role in the film’s early success. Extensive marketing by Sun TV was also instrumental in its amazing opening figures.

# Krish has become a hot property after bagging the best playback singer award for June Ponaal July Kaatre from Unna-ale Unnaale. Last week, the media were abuzz with rumours of Krish’s secret marriage to act-ress Sangeetha of Pithamagan fame. The reports were denied, but friends said the couple shared a special friendship.

# After the successful entry of Sun TV into film production, it was no surprise when rival channel Kalainyar TV announ-ced it would back a remake of Rajnikanth’s Murattu Kaallai. Director-turned-actor Sundar C will play the lead role, a decision that has raised eyebrows in the industry.

In the original, the late Jaishanker played his first negative role. That role will now be taken by Suman, while the role played by the late comedian Surullirajan will be played by Vivek.

The remake, to be directed by K Selvabharathy, will be releas-ed on April 14 next year.

# Goutham Vasudevan’s much-publicised movie starring Ajithkumar has finally been given a title, Surangani. Ajith will act for the first time under Gou-tham’s direction. The female lead will be played by Sameera Reddy.

Harris Jayaraj will score the music, and the film’s release has been provisionally set for April 14 2009. But that will be possible only if work on Ajith’s current film, Yegan, is finished on time.

Ajith’s recent discussions with Rajnikanth about spiritual-ity seem to have brought about a metamorphosis in his personal life. He is now undertaking a pil-grimage of selected temples and religious sites. He also received a copy of Living Masters of the Himalayas from the superstar.

# It is no secret that Manirat-hinam’s mega-hit Thallabadhi was inspired by the Hindu epic Mahabharatham. Can it now be confirmed that his latest bilingual film is based on the Rama-yanam?

The Tamil version has been titled Ashokavanam and the Hindi version Ravana. AR Rahmaan will score the music for both versions.

# Vijay’s father, SA Chandh-rasekara, has dropped a bombshell. In an interview last week, he disclosed that Vijay would enter politics after achieving what he wanted to achieve in the movie field.

Rumours about his political aspirations have been circulating for the past three years, all of which were denied or under-played by Vijay. It is not known if he was aware of what his father was going to disclose in the interview.

Vettaikaran Heroine Asin Sources

One could add Asin to the list but she seems to have decided to remain stuck to Bollywood. No wonder there was a hassle to sign a heroine for Vijay’s ‘Vettaikaran.’ Since Nayantara is in ‘Villu,’ she can’t be cast for ‘Vettaikaran.’ Fans did not quite cheer Trisha as Vijay’s heroine in ‘Kuruvi.’ Shriya has just sung duets with Vijay in ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan.’

There were rumours that Ileana was approached for the ‘Vettaikaran’ role but that was all it was – a rumour. The producers say they never thought of Ileana as their only aim was at Asin.

Asin is at present outside India shooting for ‘London Dreams.’ Since it’s a Vijay film, she gave her call sheet immediately.

‘Vettaikaran’ shooting starts in November.

Villu Vijay May enter Politics

“Vijay would surely get into politics and there is no doubt about it. He has been acquiring all the good attributes of working for the well-being of society and my son is worth ruling the people”. Are you guessing who could have uttered such confident statement? Of course, he is none other than Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrashekar.

In a recent Television channel interview, while he was put to question about his son Vijay launching Fans Club Flag, he had this reply. Continuing to add during the interview, Chandrashekar said that Vijay would surely get into politics, once he is perfectly done acquiring all the qualities as he had done before getting into acting.

Villu Vijay Gets First Place

Each year Loyola College Chennai has been conducting various surveys in several subjects. This time the survey is about the “Top Actors who Stole Hearts of People”. In this M.G.R holds the first spot with 21.3% to the next Sivaji Ganeshan with 18.9% for second spot. Actor Vijay is in third spot with 16.4%. For MGR most of the people like the movie “Nadodi Mannan” and for Sivaji Ganeshan “Pasa Malar” at last for Vijay “Gilli”.

This is for the first time Super Star has been in the fourth place with 16.2%. Fifth spot goes to Captain Vijayakanth has only manages 10.7% who turns politician. In the current trend heroes actor Vijay clinches the first spot beating Super Star by a small margin.

It's 50 for Vijay and Ajit

Ajith'Villu', directed by Prabhudeva, will be 'Ilaiya Thalapathi' Vijay's 48th film in his career spanning over more than one-and-a-half decades. In a striking similarity, 'Ultimate Star' Ajit's upcoming film 'Aegan' will be his 48th film. Vijay and Ajit made their debut almost at the same time in the early nineties.

Incidentally, both 'Villu' and 'Aegan' are produced by London-based Karunamurthy's Aingaran Films International and the films are likely to have a 'title' clash on the eve of Deepavali this year. In a case of more similarities, even the song sequences of both the films are being shot in various locations in the European countries.

Last, but not the least, the 'hot and happening' Nayantara who recently scorched the silver screen in 'Sathyam' opposite Vishal, is the heroine in both 'Villu' and 'Aegan'. While she has earlier worked with Ajit in 'Billa', this will be her first film as a heroine opposite Vijay. She has appeared for an item number with Vijay, though, in the film 'Sivakasi'.

Vijay's 49th film has been tentatively titled as 'Vettaikkaran' (name borrowed from an MGR hit in the sixties) and will be produced by AVM Productions and directed by Babu Sivan. Ajit's 49th film will be produced by Sivaji Productions and will be directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, who has earned a name as a 'director with the Midas' touch' within a very short span of time.

For the time being, neither Ajit nor Vijay are going to reveal what would be their 50th film and who will be the producer/director. They are holding their aces close to their hearts.

Ileana opposite Vijay in ‘Vettaikaran’?

After completing ‘Villu’, Vijay will shoot for the movie ‘Vettaikaran’, a title inspired by yesteryear MGR hit.

‘Vettaikaran’ would be directed by Babu Sivan, an associate of director Dharani. To be produced by AVM Balasubramaniam, the movie is touted to be an action-packed entertainer, quite typical of Vijay film.

Sources close to the project say Ileana would be playing the female lead in the movie. The sought-after heroine in Tollywood, Ileana made her debut in Tamil with ‘Kedi’. She managed to render a string of successful movies in Telugu establishing herself as a numero uno actress there.

Efforts were made to bring her back to Tamil cinema. But all ended in vain. Buzz is that AVM has managed to convince her to make a comeback in Tamil with ‘Vettaikaran’.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Actor Vijay Catch The Hearts Of His Young Fans

Actor Vijay came into acting field with his father S.A. Chandrasekhar’s help. Even though he had a rough beginning he skyrocketed after the movie such as Poove Unakaga, Khadalukku Mariyadhai and Love Today.After marriage love related storyline did not work for actor Vijay so he moved onto action oriented stories. He became famous with his excellent dance and fighting skills, which made him catch the hearts of his young fans.

Currently he is working with director Prabhu Devva which is his 48th film. His 49th film will be with AVM Studios. There is a buzz that says he will act his 50th film under his own banner V.V. Creations. Would his father be the director? Well we just have to wait and see.

villu shooting in switzerland

Ilayathalapathy Vijay and the unit of Prabhu Deva’s Villu, produced by Ayngaran International are leaving for Switzerland .The unit will be in Switzerland for nearly a month as they will be canning two songs and some scenes. As per unconfirmed reports story wise the hero goes abroad in second half of the film to track down the killers of his father.

Ravi Varman is the cameraman of this action adventure film, while music is by Devi Sri Prasad. Earlier the unit wanted to shoot in France, but due to certain technical problems it had to be changed at the last minute.

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Vijay Kollywood Actor

The Vijay- Nayanthara action entertainer Villu, directed by Prabhu Deva is making brisk progress. Last week, during the nights, action scenes were canned for the film in and arond the busy streets of Chennai.The film has some awesome action scenes which are very crucial to the story. After completing the Chennai schedule, the unit has now left for Pollachi to shoot a song for the film.

According to sources in the industry, Prabhu Deva wants to shoot the ultimate Kuthu song for the film. Remember some of the most popular Kuthu numbers in Tamil cinema have featured our Ilayathalapathy. One of the major highlights of Vijay- Prabhu Deva’s earlier Pokkiri was the songs and its picturisation. Who can forget the chartbusting kuthu number Mambazham ma…?

Similarly in Villu, music director Devi Sri Prasad is said to have composed a mass kuthu number which will be picturised on Vijay and Nayanthara in Pollachi this week. The song, it is believed, is sure to make the fans of the star happy.

Vijay’s ‘Villu’ Shooting Going On Fast

Vijay Kollywood Actress

The work for ‘Villu’ is on at such quick pace as to whiz by. The film was originally titled ‘Vil’ that is also the title of SJ Suryah’s film, so people wondered how the same title could be used for Vijay’s film. Now it is clearly titled ‘Villu,’ and answers all the unanswered questions.Supposed to be a Hindi film re-make, the shooting for ‘Villu’ starts today. Nayantara is the heroine and Vijay as usual has the unshaven look of 4 days stubble.

Ravi Varman, who is directing ‘Moscowin Kaveri’ is the cinematographer of ‘Villu.’ Devisriprasad has already started composing the music. They could not get Prakashraj’s call sheet in ‘Kuruvi’ and have already got it now at the start of the film.The Vadivelu-Vijay combo was also not possible for ‘Kuruvi’ and was spoken about as something missing. That has been set right in ‘Villu.’That Vadivelu was paid a hefty sum for it, is Kollywood’s hot topic now.

Monday, October 6, 2008


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Vijay pays heavily for Vadivelu for Vil

Prabhu Deva's forthcoming directorial venture has finally been named. Earlier, the film was titled Singam but director Hari made it clear that he had registered the name. With this, Prabhu Deva and Vijay were on the lookout for an appropriate name. Everything seems to be settled now with the team finally zeroing in on a suitable title. Vijay's next film will be called Vil!


That apart, seems like Vijay has missed his combination scenes with Vadivelu in Kuruvi so much that he left no stones unturned to make sure he is a part of Vil. According to sources close to producers, Vadivelu has been roped in for Vil for jaw dropping astronomical sums. It is also said that Vadivelu has had to amend his commitments for other already agreed projects to make room for Vijay.

Nayan plays opposite Vijay for Vil, touted to be an action adventure film, produced by Ayngaran International. Prakash Raj and Biju Menon are also included in the cast and Vil will have Ravi Varman’s camera and Devi Sri Prasad’s music. The venture will go on floors June 7th onwards.